April 5, 2012

Are trainers doomed to be replaced by automated software?

With all the advances in technology and training management software, some trainers may be afraid that they may lose their job. The world still needs trainers, but their role is changing.

Gone are the days of printing and filing page after page of training records. No longer should trainers spend time compiling data from dozens of excel sheets into complex reports for management. Trainers should forget about keeping track of who checked out that VHS training tape.

Trainers now use software packages to ensure training requirements are being met, they contract 3rd party training companies to develop training, and they oversee the companies training program as a whole. Training Companies spend all day, every day, looking for better ways to create training so that your time and resources can be dedicated to the operations of your facility and the safety of your co-workers.

You can make a huge difference in your companies training program and be incredibly valuable by raising the bar. By using your knowledge of the company and what your company needs, you can put together a comprehensive training program that is efficient, cost-effective, and will give your company a competitive advantage going forward.


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