June 6, 2012

To Stay Competitive, You Must Revolutionize Your Training Program

You cannot train employees using VHS tapes, outdated manuals, and pieces of paper stuffed away in some file folder and continue to be successful in today’s ultra efficient and competitive markets. Everyone is aware that equipment advances, manufacturing enhancements, and the vast amount of science and information available today are moving companies forward at lightning speeds. With improvements in these areas, employees constantly need training to develop current skills, acquire new skills, and work safely. In addition, rollover is at an all-time high and new employee training is critical to get employees up to speed as fast as possible. If you don’t do something about the way you train your employees, you can be sure that your competition will beat you to it.

You Must Use Training Management Software
The next generation of training needs to be managed electronically, not in paper files. Data needs to be accessible for safety audits, employee qualification screening, and compliancy reports. You can’t be caught sifting through stacks of paper looking for information. You can’t waste time putting together packets and hand-grading paper-tests.

Your life without training management software:
  • You don't have time to search for completion records in file folders
  • You can’t see the training history of an employee from a different site if the files are sitting in a cabinet somewhere
  • You can’t determine which employees are qualified for that new job opening
  • You waste time scheduling and rescheduling classes and meetings based on all participants’ schedules
  • You may have multiple people unknowingly creating overlapping training materials

Your life with training management software:
  • You can setup Roles that automatically deliver the correct training to employees based on their job, department, or location
  • You can easily determine who is trained and who is not
  • You can view information from any PC
  • You spend less time scheduling because training can be delivered 24/7
  • Your records are stored automatically
  • You leverage instructor availability by capturing their expertise and knowledge and creating self-paced training courses
  • Your employees receive the same consistent message every time the training

What could you with the time you gain by using training software? How good would it make you look if you had this kind of software doing your work for you?

You Must Have Great Training
It is no longer enough to have out-dated power point presentations with cheesy clipart, bad photos, and clich̩ sayings. Effective training requires more than just reading through complicated user manuals or attending monthly safety meetings. Training today must include as much media as possible Рvideo, audio, 3d models, diagrams, and animations.

Most likely, you pay a mechanic to work on your car. Most likely, you pay a plumber to fix broken pipes. Most likely, you visit a doctor when you are sick or injured. But, most likely, you or people who work for you, are still spending hundreds of hours per year putting together documents and holding meetings or giving presentations that take time away from their primary jobs. And what happens after the presentation? Everyone walks away and gets back to work. Unless you video tape every meeting, the information disappears into thin air.

If you haven't heard, the next wave of workforce education is web-based training – training that can be delivered 24/7, taken at the users convenience, and used as a reference afterwards. In addition to availability, training must take advantage of new technology and new media. The advances in video equipment, high-quality cameras, 3d graphics programs, and editing software allow training companies to produce amazing training.