March 4, 2009

No More 1980s Training

I've decided to start more of a personal/professional blog because I am continuously surprised at how much bad-training is out there. I see giant companies with hundreds or thousands of titles, but I feel that the training they are selling gives e-learning a bad name and reputation for being boring and useless.

Some of the posts and articles I’ve been reading lately have been putting down e-learning and self-paced computer-based training. I strongly disagree with most of the points they make when compared to the training that I've been involved with producing, but when compared to some of the horribly boring and outdated training most companies create/use, I have no choice but to agree.

So, I’ve been feeling like I need a venue to express more of my personal views about the industry, best practices, and what companies are going to need to be successful in the future.

Some articles that I've recently read:
So, stay tuned for some lively discussions (I hope)!

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